2012 Meta-harp 2015 Nonobjective #1 2013 Strategy
2012 Meta-harp 2015 Nonobjective #1 2013 Strategy


My most effortless paintings

Capture a bit of balance.

I cannot explain the exact

Arrangements that cause

This experience, only that the

Feeling is elusive and not to be

Described but witnessed,

Neither symmetry nor any

Formal analyses contains it.

The clues are constantly shifting

Within the mind and senses

While making and viewing.

Balance is not merely an

Aesthetic concern or act. It is

Not a mathematics or science

Of composition and color, nor

Is it a paradigmatic exercise of

Logic and reasoned thought.

It is a momentary state of

Mind and being that successful

Artworks barely hint toward.

We stand before these works

In awe and are pleasured by an

Absolute contradiction between

The paintings and our incapacity

To sustain balanced life moments.