2018 Obstacle and Void: 9/11 2016 Twonism XI: A Bright Day 2018 Ring #3
2018 Obstacle and Void: 9/11 2016 Twonism XI: A Bright Day 2018 Ring #3


Money and Morals



Why do we charge so much as artists for a painting or artwork? Because, artwork is free to view in most cases, for those who are poor. Those who can afford the artwork are those in need of moral lessons the most, most of the time. So, we charge them for them. Therefore, the artists remain poor and benefit from riches from time to time and the wealthy remain rich and benefit from us from time to time. Both are satisfied in the end if dedicated to each other. We to their morality, them to our survival as artists.


And I don't mean to say that as artists we have it all figured out, there is much left to be done in our realm. In the moral realm. But with an immaterial view one can accomplish much. So, trust in us to investigate what is right and what is wrong. Our job is this:  in the light we receive our orders and with the light we try to create what we and others will perceive as good for everyone. Beauty is this.


We put in the time outside of our day jobs to communicate loss and gain, beauty, enrichment, and enlightenment. So much in this world goes unsaid until an artist says it. So many work and work and work without the time to create or the desire to. As artists, we are dedicated, devoted to, and disciplined in making the time to create. Our hours should not go unmeasured. Our cause of expression should not go unmeasured. We reflect the culture and its needs.


I have been struck by the disgruntlement of friend's desires to purchase my artwork that is out of their budget and too costly for them, as have many of my artist friends. I have traded artwork with artist friends to satisfy our needs. I have given away artwork to those in need. I have donated artwork to auctions with good causes. I have sold artwork directly. I have sold artwork through my dealers. I am not satisfied, yet.


It takes time and rightfully so. As Paul Simon once said in a song of his, "Proof is the bottom line for everyone." You must, as an artist, prove to community the art's worth. The proof at times goes unnoticed for a very long time, but have faith. If it is a worthy cause you may go to your grave unnoticed, I don't know. It happens. Resurgence happens. Acknowledgment of a cause happens in one's lifetime, from time to time.


My solution to this is to keep working. With or without monetary gain from the cause, from my painting, from my writing. Just keep going and it will come eventually, I feel. It's a positive outlook, naturally. And if we go to our graves underwhelmed by monetary gain so be it. I do have faith that one day, before or after death, that my cause will go understood. I have this belief that when the time is right it will come to those who deserve it most. Perhaps the same could be said for those who cannot afford the artwork of others, or their own. That one day, if they love it dearly enough, they will be able to receive what they want and might need, as well.