2012 Black and White #12 2013 Untitled #15 2013 Nocturne #13
2012 Black and White #12 2013 Untitled #15 2013 Nocturne #13



The artist, primarily through the making of his work, experiences empathy and compassion for and from his peers, family, and community. Surrounded by the right people at the right times his expression is expanded beyond himself, and through the direct and indirect influence of his fellow man’s values, tastes, and considerations, his work is strengthened. The bonds that tie are evident in his thinking when he goes to create, and the better the artist’s awareness of this depends on the fortitude of the relationships and their ability to endure. The artist is classically thought of to be compelled by a muse or by divine intervention, but the origin and possibilities of inspiration are extended even greater to include the human collective. We each feel the pulse of it through our personal networks no matter how large or small. Choices are likewise affected and positively grasped and expressed through both the subconscious and conscious mind.