2011 Peace 2014 Obstacle and Void 4 2013 Untitled #1
2011 Peace 2014 Obstacle and Void 4 2013 Untitled #1



Let us consider three poles of creation: realism, the abstract, and the nonobjective. At base consideration realism strives to record visual phenomena as it appears in the world. It may position the illusion of lifelike things and objects around the canvas to create allegory, irony, and metaphor. It specializes in the art of storytelling and provides clarity for narrative. The abstract takes that which may be observed and skews or deforms it into unreal realms of possibility, furthering the viewer to question the unknown. Its stories and presentations succumb nearly entirely to metaphor due to their unclear narratives. Nonobjective art utilizes the imaginative arrangements of unknown shapes and forms to create visual experiences not previously understood by the real world thereby providing the most strenuous examination of visual realities. Nonobjective art is at foremost the art of visual perception; yet, it too is capable of metaphor just as color and mark making alone can reflect the tempo of thought and life.