2020 Transparency 52 2020 Pink Bridge 2018 Neutral Browns with White, Grey, and Black
2020 Transparency 52 2020 Pink Bridge 2018 Neutral Browns with White, Grey, and Black


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The Spiritual in Art



First, what I know, is that the spirit has nothing to do with religion. It is not confounded by it, not encased within it, nor does it belong to art. It has been long associated with these things, but, one can look at it this way. It travels in and out of things, and, at times - it wanes. Living the spiritual life is a hard way to live. It belongs to life, the spirit does, but also to the soul. To all things alive, and to some objects imbued with its life. We call its process sublimation, and perhaps, even transmutation of materials. Lovingly, we communicate with it. Caringly, we also, communicate with it. As a people, we have a way of harnessing it. We, as humans know what it is. But it is hard to locate if unaware. It is not unattached the way you might think of it as a separate entity from ourselves, at least not most of the time. It permeates our materials when we are invested and positive, most of the time. I would like to say that it is dark at times, as well. Or it can be.


Depending on the persons. It travels, to my knowledge, most aptly through nature's materials. The nighttime is frightening at times. Its presence we recognize, it frightens us. We know it holds a power to keep us safe, but we must listen and recognize it. There are some people whom it frightens more than others, but as artists we are taught to harness its presence.


At other times let it go.


Just create.


Do not fear what you don't understand,

and it may guide you.


Positive and negative go hand in hand.


It is the essence of objects made by hand. It is the vessel

by which we experience and understand. Our mediums are referred to as such.

They are called mediums for this reason. In one ear and out the other at times, or at least that's what I know. Hocus pocus is what many have referred to it as! Or, you know, like hippy shit!


You must understand its potential to regulate it. At times it guides us. And at other times it guides others. This is what I mean, it comes, and it goes within ourselves as it exits our being's creations. It travels like I said. In and out of things and people, we are born with it, and at times - others are as well...


From the beginning of time it must have been with us people and with gods. We know this to be true, but it is such a difficulty knowing this at times. People speak of it. They know it to be true. But we must try to see it without looking. In the mind's eye as they say. As they say. So, behave and inspiration will be with you. I think this is a good way to put, it. Have the power to speak of it... and it will bless you!


Thank you!